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November 2018
16 new sizes of our bargain priced Underwires. $3.50 for 6 pair. Sizes from 38B to 56B.
October 2018
Black SBE6008 1" Silicone Backed Elastic. 3/8" silicone stripe covered with a 5/8" plastic strip to keep the silicone from sticking to itself or the material you are sewing. After your sewing is completed, just remove the plastic strip. Also offered wholesale. Black Silicone Backed Elastic  Black Silicone Backed Elastic
Off White BHE2005/8" Buttonhole Elastic. Off White Buttonhole Elastic
Black BE246 5/16" and Black and White BE281 3/4" Braided Elastic. Black 7/16 inch Braided Elastic

Black 3/4 inch Braided Elastic   White 3/4 inch Braided Elastic
White KE260 5/16" and Navy KE280 3/8" Knitted Elastic. White 5-16 inch inch Knitted Elastic   Navy 3/8 inch Knitted Elastic
Three Foldover Elastics. 1/2" Decorative White, 3/4" Almond and 7/8" Shiny White. Decorative White Fold Over Elastic   Almond Fold Over Elastic
Shiny White Fold Over Elastic
September 2018
Three new colors of SP710 5/16" Stretch Elastic Piping. Ribbed Black Stretch Elastic Piping   Mayan Tan Stretch Elastic Piping
Mayan Tan Stretch Elastic Piping
Five Decorator Strapping Plush Elastics. 3/8" to 5/8" widths. Black Decorator Pico Edge Strapping Plush Elastic   Nude Decorator Strapping Plush Elastic
Black Decorator Strapping Plush Elastic
Cupid Nude Strapping Plush Elastic with Decor Stitch   White Strapping Plush Elastic
Six Finishing Plush Elastics. 3/8" to 3/4" widths. Blush Finishing Plush Elastic   Tibeton Red Finishing Plush Elastic
Light Nude Finishing Plush Elastic   Nude Finishing Plush Elastic
White Finishing Plush Elastic   Black Finishing Plush Elastic
White GE580 1 1/4" Gripper Elastic. White 1 1/4 inch Gripper Elastic
Nude PE537 Siliccone backed 1/2" plush elastic. Nude Silicone Backed Strapping Plush Elastic   Nude Silicone Backed Strapping Plush Elastic
White PBBE792 1 1/4" Plush Backed Brief Elastic. White Plush Backed Brief Elastic
Navy Blue SSF428 Stretch Satin fabric. Navy Blue Stretch Satin fabric
Black SLT882 8 3/4"Stretch Lace Trim. Black 8 3/4" inch wide stretch lace trim
August 2018
Five new colors of FOE726 5/8" Foldover elastic. Golden Tan Foldover Elastic   Green Foldover Elastic
Rust Foldover Elastic   Khaki2 Foldover Elastic
Pebble Stone Foldover Elastic
July 2018
Red and Pink SSF428 Stretch Satin fabric. Red Stretch Satin fabric   Pink Stretch Satin fabric
Back in stock. We finally found a new manufacturer of this hard to find MBE740 Men's Brief Elastic. Previous manufacturer discontinued this elastic in early 2018. Also offered wholesale. Men's Brief Elastic
Several new stretch lace trims from 2 1/4" to 3 1/4" widths. Links to each are on the New Stretch Lace Trim page. New Stretch Lace Trims February 2018