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October 2019
We have received several thousand yards of stretch lace trim with over 100 new products. Widths from 1/2" to 8 3/4". New stretch lace trims on Narrow Stretch Lace, Medium Stretch Lace and Wide Stretch Lace pages.
September 2019
White 4-way stretch A47 44" wide All Over Stretch Lace fabric. 83% Nylon, 17% Spandex. White All Over Stretch Lace Fabric
Black 40" PKF300 and Golden Glow 56" PKF301 light weight Powerknit Fabric. Black Light Weight Powerknit Fabric Golden Glow Light Weight Powerknit Fabric
Over 30 4 1/2" to 9 1/2" wide New Stretch Lace Trims. New Stretch Lace Trims September 2019
Precut one, two and three hook Bra Back Closures. Black and white 1 hook, white 2 hook, and black, white, nude, light nude and candlelight 3 hook. One eye white bra back closure  Two eye white bra back closure  Three eye nude bra back closure
Special buy Plastic White 3/8", Nude 3/4" and Glazed Persimmon 3/4" Bra Rings and Glazed Persimmon 5/8" Bra Slides. These are 1/2 the price of our clear plastic rings and slides. White plastic 3/8" bra slide  Nude plastic 3/4" bra slide
Glazed Persimmon plastic 3/4" bra slide  Glazed Persimmon plastic 5/8" bra ring
August 2019

50% off Sale on several Fabrics

Poly Lycra® Fabric $2.49 yd Sale Price

Poly Spandex Tie Dye Fabric $4.99 yd Sale Price

Four colors of PE509 5/8" wide Fold Over Elastic. Nova Scotia Blue Fold Over Elastic Very Soft Blue Fold Over Elastic
Dotted Periwinkle Fold Over Elastic Periwinkle Fold Over Elastic
1/2" and 5/8" Black PE536 and PE561 Strapping Plush Elastic, 5/8" Blush PE561 Strapping Plush Elastic and 5/8" White PE450 Finishing Plush Elastic Black Strapping Plush Elastic  Black Strapping Plush Elastic
Blush Strapping Plush Elastic  White Finishing Plush Elastic
July 2019
29 new sizes of spring steel underwires with a cushiony soft plastic coating and a soft cushion tip for the bargain price of $3.75 for 6 pair. Sizes from 34B to 48C. Underwires
April 2019
Half Whisper White and Half Sheer PE502 1/2" wide Fold Over Elastic. White and Sheer Fold Over Elastic
Six colors of 2-way and 4-way stretch 60-68" wide Polyester Spandex Nike Dri-Fit Jersey fabric. Blue Dri-Fit Polyester Spandex Jersey Fabric   Purple Blue Dri-Fit Polyester Spandex Jersey Fabric
Black Dri-Fit Polyester Spandex Jersey Fabric   White Dri-Fit Polyester Spandex Jersey Fabric
Midnight Navy Dri-Fit Polyester Spandex Jersey Fabric   Redk Dri-Fit Polyester Spandex Jersey Fabric
4 colors of SS6000 1/2" Decorative Bra Strapping. Almond Stretch Decorative Bra Strapping   Pink Stretch Decorative Bra Strapping
Lavender-Gray/Ivory Stretch Decorative Bra Strapping   Raisen Stretch Decorative Bra Strapping
White 4-way stretch FT500 66" wide 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex Nike Dri-Fit French Terry fabric. White Dri-Fit French Terry Fabric
2 colors of E717 3/16" Skinny Elastic. Dark Yellow 3/16" Skinny Elastic   Light Tan 3/16" Skinny Elastic
Ivory PE503 1/4" wide Satin Finish Plush Elastic. Ivory Strapping Plush Elastic