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This page presents a description of the wide variety of lingerie fabric that we offer. Selections include stretch satin fabric, spandex for panties and bras, Dri-Fit fabric and knit fabrics.

Our Tricot and Sheer Fabrics, Lingerie Elastic, Lingerie Lace, Stretch Lace Trim, Kwik Sew Lingerie Patterns and Kwik Sew Sleepwear Patterns are described on other pages.

Fabric Samples

#SSF428 Stretch Satin Fabric $8.95 yd
A Sassy Favorite

Have it both ways - soft to the touch and just enough stretch to provide comfort. You will love how this exceptional fabric feels as it glides across your skin. The weight of this fabric is so nice so that it can be used in many different ways. Perfect for sewing lingerie - PJ's, gowns, robes and matching nighties, slips and outerwear - blouses, evening wear and dresses. Also can be used to make a lovely gift for the bride to be - a set of satin pillow cases. Machine wash delicate cycle. Tumble dry low. Remove promptly from dryer. 1-way stretch fabric, 20% in width. 96% Polyester, 4% Lycra®. 58-60" wide.
Black Stretch Satin fabric
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Grey Stretch Satin fabric
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Purple Stretch Satin fabric
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Royal Stretch Satin fabric
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Turquoise Stretch Satin fabric
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Turquoise Stretch Satin fabric
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Let's Make Panties from Spandex. It what's happening in the retail under garment industry as seen in better department stores in all intimate apparel. Fear not you can make all your lingerie with the look of satin and the comfort of Spandex and Lycra®. You're gonna love how they feel!

Notes from MISS SASSY: We have several fabrics that are suited for sewing panties as they have enough stretch to go around the body and good recovery. Do not pre-wash your fabric. Wash after the garment has been assembled. Use a stretch needle in a conventional machine. A polyester matching thread is acceptable. You also can use a serger with regular serger thread. Wooly lock is a stretch serger thread. Use this in the lower loopers of your serger.

The width of these fabrics allows you to make a gazillion panties out of one yard which is very inexpensive.

ELASTICS: The difficulty in finding matching lingerie elastic when sewing panties puts all of us in dilemma. When matching elastic is available, you can use the one-step method of sewing the elastic directly on the fabric. When matching elastic is not available, an alternate application of applying elastic, that will help you achieve a beautiful finished opening for your project, is called the two-step method. In the two-step method, the elastic is sewn to the inside of the panties, with enough of a fabric allowance to fold the fabric over and cover the elastic. The fabric is then sewn to encase the elastic. Since the elastic doesn't show, its color is not a factor. The two-step method can be used for both the leg and waist.

For the leg we do have 3/8" elastic that will match some of these fabrics. You also might use 3/8" picot edge plush elastic. For the two-step method, besides our regular lingerie elastics and plush elastic, an alternative is our 1/4" or 3/8" swimsuit elastic or the 3/8" rubber elastic.

Another method is to use our 5/8"foldover elastic when a matching or blending color is available. Use the full width for the waistline of your panties. Apply the elastic for the leg openings like you would a bias tape. Using the guide line of the indention on the elastic, stitch on the backside of the opening with a zig zag stitch. Then fold over the elastic to the front encasing the opening. Zig zag the edge on the front side and you have an exact color match with your waist and leg elastic.

Don't forget you can make a bra from this fabric to match your panties, How divine.

#Y2705 Pantie Spandex Fabric $10.95 yd

The perfect matte finish fabric for all your panties and bras. Selected for its comfort against the skin, stretch capabilities and durability. You have seen this fabric in ready to wear undergarments and foundation garments. Now you can have the same look of higher priced finished garments at a fraction of the cost. Sew bras, panties, thongs, garter belts, boy cut panties. For example see Kwik Sew 3167 pattern. Suggest using stretch needles with this fabric. 80% Nylon, 20% Spandex. 4-way stretch fabric, 75% in width and length. 58-60" wide. Machine wash delicate cycle. Tumble dry low.
  • Black
  • Off White
  • White
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You might also be interested in our Swimwear Spandex.


#N330 Polyester Knit Fabric $2.98 yd

Our polyester knit comes to us direct from a lingerie manufacturer. So soft you will want every one of the warm and inviting colors. Sew PJ's, nighties, camisoles, sleep pants and tops. Embelish your creations with our wonderful selection of stretch lace trims. Perfect weight for spring and summer months. Machine wash knit cycle. Tumble dry low. 100% Polyester. 58-60" wide.
Aqua Polyester Knit Fabric

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Blue Polyester Knit Fabric

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Peach Polyester Knit Fabric

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Pink Polyester Knit Fabric

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Hi-Wick Comfort Paired With Active Stretch from Nike


Put Nike's performance driven technology to work for you with this versatile hi-wick polyester interlock knit. The Dri-fit series features advanced wicking performance. Specially formulated hydrophobic polyester fibers move heat generated body moisture away from the skin to the outer surface of the fabric. This special interlock knit construction offers plenty of stretch for intimate apparel - bras, panties, as well as active wear. Construction of garments is a breeze as the Dri-fit fabric has a special interlock construction which prevents runs. 1-way stretch fabric, 25% in width. 100% Hi-Wick Polyester. 58-60" wide.
  • Black

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#N710 100% Cotton Knit Fabric $6.98 yd

Our 100% cotton knit is especially nice with its very fine finish. You will love using this product to make underwear and infant's wear. It's perfect for lining panties. Soft enough to use as undershirts to keep you warm and cozy. 58" wide. 100% cotton will shrink so purchase a little extra.
  • White
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Fabric Samples - a sample set that contains one of every color or print of the fabric for that Item Number

Check the box for each of the samples you would like to order and then click "Add to Cart".
F6500FS Dri-Fit Silk Weight Interlock Fabric $0.20
N330FS Polyester Knit Fabric $0.60
N710FS 100% Cotton Knit Fabric $0.20
SSF428FS Stretch Satin Fabric $1.00
Y2705FS Pantie Spandex Fabric $0.55
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This page updated March 19, 2015
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