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We stock all of the Kwik•Sew Bra Patterns. We offer a complete line of bra making supplies - Bra Front Closures, Bra Back Closures, Bra Rings, Bra Slides, Bra Hooks, Spaghetti Strap Rings & Slides, Nursing Bra Clasps, Plush Elastic, Bra Straps, Bra Cups, Underwires, Channeling, Fabric - which are described on other pages. We also offer all of the Elan bra patterns. Our bra findings provide everything you need to make bras or brassieres.

What size bra?

Patterns come in all sizes. There are different methods for determining the proper size. The following description is based on "Kwik•Sew Method for Sewing Lingerie", copyright 1978.(unfortunately out of print).
  • Measure around the body under the bust and add 4" to this measurement. This is approximately the size pattern that you will need. Generally round an odd number up to the next even number.
  • To determine the cup size, first measure around the fullest part of the bust. Then measure around the body above the bust. Subtract this measurement from the full bust measurement. Every full inch difference is a cup size. For example, if the difference is 1" choose an A cup. If the difference is 2", choose a B cup; etc.
  • This will give you the appropriate pattern size. However, by making your own bra, you can adjust the pattern not only in size, but also to your measurements, e.g. the distance between the breasts. The distance between the bra cups can be altered by adding or subtracting from the center front piece of the pattern.

KWIK•SEW Bra Patterns

The Kwik•Sew Web Site features color pictures, descriptions and the fabric and notion requirements for most of their patterns. A link to the available descriptions on the Kwik•Sew Web Site is provided below the pattern numbers in the following table.
Bustier patterns KS3726, Misses' Bustiers, and KS3166 Misses' Bustier, Panties & Garter Belt, are illustrated on the Lingerie Patterns page.

The KWIK•SEW bra patterns have back closures.
Image Pattern Number Sizes Suggested fabrics Suggested Retail Price Our Price with 20% Discount Order
KS 2101 bra pattern
Misses' Underwire Bra & Garter Belt
KS Web Site
Sizes 32, 34 & 36, Cup sizes A-D
Size 38, Cup sizes B-DD
Garter Belt XS-S-M-L
Bra Fabrics: Lace, tricot, powerknit. Garter Belt Fabrics: Lace, tricot $ $
KS 2358 bra pattern
Misses' Bodysuit, Merrywidow, Drawstring Bag, Garter & Handkerchief
KS Web Site
Stretch knits with 25% stretch across the grain: Tricot, sheer lycra®, nylon sheer, stretch lace. Contrast fabric: Non-stretch lace and sheers, lightweight woven fabric $ $
KS 2374 bra pattern
Misses' Bra
KS Web Site
Sizes 42-44-46
Cup Sizes C-D-DD-DDD
Tricot, powerknit, lace $ $
KS 2489 bra pattern
Misses' Bra & Boxer Shorts
KS Web Site
Bra Sizes: 32-38, Cup Sizes A-C.
Shorts: XS-S-M-L-XL
Lightweight woven fabrics: cotton, cotton types, broadcloth, flannel, silk, silk-like fabrics. Lining also in single knit $ $
KS 3300 bra pattern
Misses' Bra
KS Web Site
Bra Sizes: 32-38, Cup Sizes A-DD.
Lace, tricot and power net $ $
KS 3301 bra pattern
Misses' Bra & Panties
KS Web Site
Two-way stretch fabric with 50% stretch across the grain: cotton knit with spandex Lycra®. $ $
KS 3594 bra pattern
Misses' Bra

KS Web Site
Size 32, Cup sizes AA-D
Size 34, Cup sizes AA-D
Size 36, Cup sizes A-DD
Size 38, Cup sizes A-DD
Size 40, Cup sizes B-DDD
Nylon tricot or nylon sheer & lace and powerknit.
Cups: nylon tricot or lace and nylon sheer
$ $
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Making a bra is very easy. Follow the pattern instructions exactly the first time. Do not try to adjust the pattern. If an adjustment is needed, make another bra. You should know what is needed to correct the size for a great fit. It may take sewing your bra two or three times to get the perfect fit. Remember, you try on three or four bras in the department store. Whatever you do, enjoy making your bra. Do not have a nervous breakdown. It's only fabric.


  • Fiberfill...Use one layer to give your bra a soft finished look. Doubling the fiberfill will give you more shape and support.
  • Matching straps...Cut straps out on the non stretch of the fabric. Use interfacing on the inside to give your strap body.
  • Doubling the fabric...to make the cup of your bra will give you a little more support.
  • Pre-made straps not long enough...Add a piece of Plush Elastic to the end of the strap.
  • Underwires too long...Cut them off at the tips and cover the ends with epoxy glue. This will keep them from poking through the fabric.
  • Substitute a Wide Stretch Lace Elastic instead of a nylon lace at the top of the cup. This will hug your body and may be just the right ticket for good fit.
  • Can't get a bra back closure to match your fabric color...Use a front closure bra pattern. This allows you to use any stretch fabric available. Suggest our Clear Plastic Front Closures.
  • Check our Lycra® and spandex fabrics for making bras.

This page updated May 10, 2012.
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